AAAGS Demolition & Excavation can remove any bonded asbestos that you may require. Some of these items include:-    

  • Asbestos roofing, capping, guttering and downpipes.
  • Asbestos contaminated internal and external wall linings.
  • Asbestos contaminated floor coverings, such as lino and glued plastic tiles.
  • Compacted fibrous flooring and tiles commonly found in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • Asbestos contamination in-ground, commonly found in soils, sands and cements.

Our team removes asbestos in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos (2011). Our trained employees have significant experience in the safe removal of asbestos. Our Asbestos Removal Control Plan is specifically designed for the most common and most detailed bonded asbestos removal projects. On completion of all asbestos projects, a certificate of clearance is obtained by an independent third party as a measure of quality assurance and safety.

Please feel free to 'contact AAAGS' if you have any questions about bonded asbestos removal or for an obligation free quote.